Facials: Healthy Nourished Skin Begins Here


Signature Spa Facials: Your Signature Spa Facial will also include an added relaxing massage using BIOAROMAS, natural essences promoting harmony between mind and body and eliminating stress for a total feeling of well-being. Time to relax, feel balanced and rejuvenated.     Approx 1:15min   $80

– Most Hydrating Deep moisturizing treatment for all skin types, especially recommended in case of serious dehydration. It provides intense and long-lasting moisture that improves suppleness and ensures instant comfort to the skin.

– Perfect Age vitality for mature and devitalized skin that protects the epidermis against dryness. It ensures an excellent emollient and energizing action to the skin, erasing signs of fatigue and provides the skin with firmness, suppleness and fullness.

– Sweet Relief for sensitive and easily reddened skin. With soothing and strengthening properties, it makes the epidermis more resistant to sensitizing phenomena, alleviates redness and provides relief to the skin by improving the micro-circulation functionality, making skin stronger and leaving it especially soft and radiant.

– Purifying for combination, impure and oily skin. Effective in controlling bacterial proliferation of impure skin, it ensures a powerful sebum-normalizing cosmetic action.


– Signature Lip & Eye Treatment
The latest in cosmetic innovation with the use of Plant stem cells + caviar and retinol that have a restoring – repairing – firming – normalizing – beauty enhancing property. Refines skin down to the smallest details! This intensive eye treatment is designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark circles, relieve puffy eyes, improve clarity and totally rejuvenate this delicate area.  $50.00 30 minutes or add to any facial for $30

– Mini Facial – $50.00 30 minutes
No time to treat your face to the works? Target your problem areas quickly and affordably with a mini facial, created especially for people on the go. Your individually formulated treatment will include a deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and a specialized mask suited to your skin type that leaves skin with an instant glow!